Blockdream Ventures

With an initial capital of $100 million, Blockdream Ventures is a fund focused on exploring high-quality projects with great potential.

About US

Blockdream Ventures will invest in blockchain basic infrastructures, Layer 2, Polkadot ecosystem, DeFi, and Filecoin ecosystem.
Our mission is to explore the best blockchain projects worldwide and promote sustainable development across the entire industry. We look forward to working and growing with passionate dreamers and founders to create value for the blockchain industry, while sharing our global resources and historical experience with the founders.

Investment Focus

Basic infrastructure: Layer 2, to improve technical performance, efficiency, and expand capacity.
Trading/financial projects: DeFi derivatives/Dex aggregation/Synthetic assets/Orcale/Insurance.
Top public blockchain ecosystem: Polkadot/IPFS/Solana/Near.
Application: blockchain browser/wallet/NFT.
Tools: data analysis/technical service provider/plug-in/privacy protection.
  • Casperlabs


    The Casper Network powers the first fully decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain network.


    Plasm Network is a dApps hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum and layer2 solutions natively.
  • CERE Network

    CERE Network

    CERE Network fast tracked enterprise adoption using decentralized data clouds and data interoperability.
  • Convergence


    Convergence protocol is a decentralized project focused on bringing liquidity to real-world assets in decentralized finance (DeFi).
  • Kine


    Derivatives market with infinite liquidity.
  • Dora Factory

    Dora Factory

    Dora Factory is a DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure for on-chain governance and open source ventures.
  • Persistence


    Persistence is a protocol that supports institutional decentralized finance.
  • DeversiFi


    DeversiFi is the easiest way to access DeFi opportunities on Ethereum: invest, trade, and send tokens without paying gas fees.
  • PlatON


    An infrastructure for Privacy-Preserving Computation and Distributed Economics.
  • Republic


    Republic is the private investing platform for investors seeking high growth potential.
  • Naos Finance

    Naos Finance

    NAOS Finance is an interoperable marketplace for loans backed by offline income streams.
  • Equilibrium


    The 1st interoperable money market on Polkadot comprised of a lending platform and a professional-grade cross-chain DEX.